$300 Spanish Coffee: but do I get free refills?

H50 Bistro & Bar in the stylish boutique Hotel Fifty in downtown Portland, OR, announced it would be featuring one of the most expensive cups of coffee in the city.  Not a mean feat in this city of coffee purists!
The H50 Bistro & Bar is something of a hangout for the stylish set (that's where they were their flannel shirts pressed) and now there's a coffee drink for their delectation.

But not just any coffee drink!  One of the most popular coffee concoctions in the city of Portland for some years now is Spanish Coffee, so the H50 has created a $300 Spanish Coffee.


New Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper: where the sweet meets the heat

Southern Comfort and Tabasco Hot Sauce, two revered New Orleans traditions, are getting together.
Looks like that traditional whiskey-based cocktail of N'awlins history is sweet on Tabasco, the other New Orleans tradition, and it’s getting hot and steamy down in the French Quarter.

At first glance it may seem an unusual relationship, what with Southern Comfort’s deep whiskey voice and peachy, fruity style---it’s smooth, but it’s sweet---matching up with the hot and fiery cayenne of the legndary