Pernod - The Original Absinthe Maker - France's Subtle Anise Spirit

With over 200 years of history, Pernod is the oldest French brand of anise spirits. Famous since 1805 for its spirits with extracts of absinthe, much appreciated by artists and poets, a century later it confirmed its success with Pernod anise spirit, an aperitif based on star anise with a fresh, original flavour.

A spirit created in 1928, Pernod anise spirit soon built itself a reputation. Now established in over 110 countries, from the United States to Japan, this authentic aperitif is renowned for its subtle flavour with essences of star anise. Extremely refreshing, it is drunk in the most prestigious restaurants and hotels all over the world.  Its recipe a closely guarded secret, Pernod has a subtle taste with notes of anise, coriander and mint. The fruit of a tree cultivated in the north of Vietnam and the southern provinces of China, star anise goes wonderfully well with aromatic plant essences obtained by distillation. It has a delicate bouquet dominated by coriander, a subtly flavoured herb, and mint, appreciated for its freshness and
digestive properties. This famous mixture is bottled exclusively in Marseille.

Traditionally, Pernod is served diluted with 5 to 7 volumes of water. Internationally, it has seen great success in cocktails or as a long drink with bitter lemon, cola or fruit juice.

Building on its know-how, in 2001 Pernod launched a new anise spirit: Pernod with absinthe plant extracts. Inspired by the original recipe that made a name for the House of Pernod in the 19th century, this sugar-free anise spirit with an alcohol content of 68° has a thuyone content in conformity with the legislation in force. A unique flavour, to relive the Paris of La Belle Epoque.


Pernod with absinthe plant extracts is drunk in the traditional manner, with a perforated spoon, chilled water and a lump of sugar.

Over 200 years' history
  • In 1805, Henri-Louis Pernod founded the company "Pernod Fils" in Pontarlier, in the Doubs region of France, and soon developed sales of absinthe.
  • Success was certain. Known as the "green fairy", absinthe became the favourite drink of artists seeking new tastes. The painters Manet and Degas and the poets Verlaine and Musset immortalised it in their works. 
  • During the 19th century, Pernod developed internationally. During their travels, French artists spread the reputation of the spirit abroad. In France, absinthe became a national drink and played a key role in distillery development.
  • At the beginning of the 20th century, the company "Pernod Fils" was producing almost 25,000 litres of absinthe a day. But the drink was the subject of passionate debate.
  • In 1915, absinthe trading and production were banned.
  • In 1922, anise spirits with a 40° alcohol content were once again authorized.
  • In 1938, Pernod launched Pernod 45, an anise spirit that soon acquired the reputation of its absinthe ancestor.
  • In 2005, Pernod celebrated its 200th anniversary. On this occasion, a "Limited Edition" bottle was created.
  • Today, Pernod is established on 5 continents, in almost 110 countries. Offered by the most prestigious restaurants and hotels, it is drunk throughout Western Europe and in the United States, Australia and Japan.
 Refreshing drinks with a taste full of history

Pernod Yellow Bird
- 2 measures of Pernod
- 2 measures of coconut milk
- 5 measures of pineapple juice
- 1 measure of lemon juice
- Ice

Pernod Julep
- 3 measures of Pernod
- 2 measures of lemon juice
- 5 measures of lemonade or tonic
- Ice

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